Technology keynotes. For people.


Technology keynotes. For people.


Workshops, offsites and long lunches


Strategic Workshops & Offsites

A great keynote can motivate participants towards action, but without the opportunity for more intimate and direct engagement, this motivation may turn out to be short-lived. In addition to his keynotes, Simon offers customised, practical workshops to support active discussion and planning that will have a long-term impact in your organisation.

If your organisation is already motivated towards doing something different, Simon can help you understand what different looks like. His tailored workshops provide opportunities for in-depth discussion on emerging strategic challenges. With his inquisitive, enthusiastic approach, Simon fosters an environment that allows ideas to flow freely and guides participants towards implementable actions that will shape your organisation’s future.

And if you’re after something truly unique, ask Simon about lunch!

There’s no better place to connect and converse than around the table preparing and sharing food. If you’re looking for a powerful addition to your offsite event, consider a half or full day culinary conversation where Simon hosts your leadership team for lunch.


The digital leadership training was a great opportunity to recalibrate our corporate expectations of what technology can and should do for our organisation. It is clear that we have great opportunities to improve efficiency, support more well considered decision making, and engage with staff and community in a far more sophisticated manner. I have observed immediate benefits in my work practices as well as the practices of our leadership team in the organisation.

Simon recently delivered his Leading With Technology program at the City of Casey. Simon brought a unique skill set – a blend of business acumen, immense digital knowledge, personality and wit. And of course the content of the program was exemplary – so much so I’m confident our investment in Simon’s program will pay off in a very short timeframe as we start applying the tools and technique he gave us.

Simon has worked with us on a program to raise the level of understanding of the digital opportunities for Plan, across all staff. This continuous learning program, which he both designed and facilitated, has been both popular and effective. We have much more valuable converstaions around digital across our business as a result.

Simon has also added value as a coach in the use of mobile technology to improve executive level performance; he is well-informed, passionate and patient.

Simon was involved directly with our team to crystallize our mobile technology evolution program and was the spark that lit our fuse.

He rapidly helped us understand our current business, facilitated us start our strategic response to mobile tablet environment, delivered education sessions to our delivery team, as well as hosted a seminar where he engaged our wider business.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Simon for education or collaboration, as his ability to deliver a balanced interpretation of the ever-changing technology landscape is first class.


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