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Who Is Simon Waller "Simon Waller delivered one of the best keynotes
I've ever seen, and I've seen a heap"

- Dr. Jason Fox, Bestselling author of How to Lead a Quest
Some people talk about the future. Simon chooses to live it. While he doesn’t have a robotic assistant or get around in a flying car just yet, he researches trends and emerging technologies, then runs experiments on himself, his business and sometimes his family. Along the way, these experiences have led him to dramatically change the way he operates his business and, more importantly, how he lives his life.

Simon has experimented with virtual organisations, 30 hour weeks, remote work, unlimited leave and flexible teams. He also started running his business completely in the cloud well before it was cool. Most recently, Simon spent three months living and working in a campervan with his family to better understand attitudinal shifts around work-life balance and to see what it’s like to be a genuine digital nomad.

Armed with his first-hand experiences, Simon helps
others implement the future and successfully navigate the risks, challenges and opportunities it brings. Through his keynotes, Simon shares his personal stories and experiments and inspires people to take a more purposeful approach to their lives and work. For organisations seeking deeper conversations and more hands-on support, Simon offers customised strategic workshops and insanely practical training programs.
[ Sound interesting? If you want to find out
more you can head to
“Critical reading for anyone who uses technology in business.”

Peter Cook
Individual, hand signed copies of Analogosaurus are available from

Bulk orders are available with a generous discount for orders of 24 copies & above. Email for more details.

Don’t like pink? For orders of 1,000 books or more we can work together to create your own unique cover and customised content. Once again email if you would like to find out more.
Book Details Recommendations for Analogosaurus “Excellent for those wishing to use digital at work and don't know how to start.”

Walter J. Adamson
“Simon gently walks us through the case for building digital intelligence, employing a mix of logical arguments, interesting stories and easy to grasp metaphors. His passion for the topic is obvious.”

Anneli Blundell
“Simon’s conversational style makes this book easy and enjoyable to read. His case is compelling - understand and use the digital tools available to you or face extinction! Now there's a stark choice…”

Corrinne Armour
“I would say the author’s experience is the main reason why I found this book interesting and though it has more than 200 pages I was kind of sad when it came its end because of its themes and accessible style it was written in.“

Denis Vukosav
“This book is a timely warning about how the modern world is going further and further into the digital realm, and how out of touch many people are to where the future is heading.”

John Green
"This book is an absolute imperative if you want your
business to stay relevant.”

Dr Jason Fox
Individual, hand signed copies of The Digital Champion are available from

Bulk orders are available with a generous discount for orders of 24 copies & above. Email for more details.

Want to make a collectible version? For orders of 1,000 books or more we can work together to create your own unique cover and customised content. Once again email for details.
Book Details Recommendations for The Digital Champion “Many businesses either have the technology but no idea how to leverage it, or have no idea of the technology that they could be leveraging if only they knew! Simon Waller approaches these issues in an innovative, practical and inspired way. The Digital Champion is the book that will help your organisation develop possibly the most valuable role in your team – a Digital Champion.”

Dermot Crowley
“Simon has written the bible for Digital Champions. Simon is fluent in both IT and business, and teaches Digital Champions how to successfully implement digital projects by building a bridge between both (and bringing along users and vendors for the ride).

This is an imminently readable book that teaches how to select, validate and execute digital projects that matter. Essential reading for anyone who wants to don the cape of a digital champion and successfully implement meaningful digital projects.”

Peter Cook
“This book shows why organisations have been doing technology all wrong. The digital champions approach and the use of stories is exactly what we need to engage people in the next wave of digital opportunities.”

Patricia McMillan
Keynotes & Events Click Here to Watch Simon's Speaker Reel A Technology Speaker. For Humans. Through direct engagement with participants, peer to peer interaction and the transformative effects of shared human experience, Simon creates moments that are impossible to recreate in a virtual world.

His fresh, insightful keynotes reflect the same philosophy of continual experimentation and
improvement that he brings to the rest of his life. Inspired by live music performances, Simon uses cutting edge video and sound mixing software to deliver an immersive visual and audio experience that reinforces what makes live events unique.

Simon’s unique combination of storytelling, creativity and content will engage your audience and encourage them to see the future as not something that will happen to them tomorrow, but something they can act on today.
Keynote #1 Interactive scenarios that bring the future into the present All the possible futures What it covers
#technology #productivity

This is ideally suited for large
organisations and industry events

Timing (when in the program)
This keynote requires a significant
investment of time and should
ideally be scheduled as an all of
morning event.
All the possible futures Understanding the future is the ultimate competitive advantage. Defining strategies and making decisions becomes a whole lot easier if you already know where the future is taking us.

So, how can we possibly know the future?

A distinct lack of hoverboards and robotic assistants reminds us that the future is not entirely predictable. But our inability to accurately predict the exact future doesn’t stop us from defining the possible futures we will face.

Using scenario planning, the approach made famous by Royal Dutch Shell, Simon investigates the drivers of change in your operating environment and develops vivid, memorable stories of your organisation’s possible futures.

These stories are delivered through an interactive and immersive experience that leaves participants with rich memories of the future that will shape decisions and create impact long after your event is over.
Keynote #2 To set the scene for something big Can technology make us more human?

What it covers
#technology #futurist #futureofwork

Given the breadth of impact we are
currently seeing with digital
disruption, this keynote has broad
appeal across all levels in an
organisation and is relevant to many
different industry sectors.

Timing (when in the program)
A great conversation starter that is
ideally scheduled just before lunch.

Can technology make us more human? We are constantly being blindsided by technology. Activities that were previously considered the sole domain of humans such as driving vehicles and helping diagnose cancer are now being done (often more successfully) by machines. As the rate of technology-driven change continues to increase, a very legitimate question arises: what type of work will be left for us?

It turns out that the progress of technology is more predictable than we think and there are actions that we can take to improve our long-term relevance. Beyond that, we can also find ways to use technology to free our time from mundane tasks and invest in the uniquely human qualities that enrich our lives.
Keynote #3 Leadership lessons for an uncertain world Thrive in Disruption What it covers
#technology #automation
#leadership #purpose #change

Ideally suited for business owners,
executive teams and leadership
groups. Also great for smaller
audiences in a longer workshop or
conversational format.

Timing (when in the program)
Ideally this keynote would be best
accompanied by a glass of red
around an open fire at the end of the
first day. If this isn’t one of your
speaker spots you might otherwise
consider using it towards the
beginning of your program to help
open people’s minds.
Thrive on Disruption For most organisations, the disruptive nature of digital technology is seen as a challenge to overcome. And yet for a select few, these same conditions have resulted in massive innovation and growth. What makes these organisations different? How have their leaders navigated this environment so much more successfully than others?

This presentation uses the power of storytelling and is illustrated with examples from the world’s most disruptive businesses. It’s designed to spark conversation in small groups and leadership teams as to how you too can thrive on disruption.

This is the time to challenge your people to think differently. To create a more adaptive and resilient business fit for the future.
Keynote #4 Championing a humane approach to technology Technology for the People What it covers
#technology #strategy #IT

For leadership teams who
acknowledge that in a world of
digital disruption every option needs
to be on the table.

Timing (when in the program)
A mind opening keynote
that is a great way to begin your
conference and set the scene for
great things to come.
Technology for the People Leaders know technology is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a strategic imperative which may determine their very existence. Yet organisations generally struggle to make the most of the opportunities technology offers. 70% of technology projects don't deliver what they promise and 84% of digital ’transformations’ don’t result in long-term benefit.

It turns out these failures are rarely the result of technical limitations. The most common issue is organisations put too much focus on technology and not enough on people.

In this keynote, Simon shares what a more human-centred approach to technology might look like. An approach that acknowledges people's concerns and addresses the issues holding them back. An approach that actively develops the knowledge and skills both people and organisations will need in the future.

If you want to design technology initiatives that people will embrace then this is the conversation you need to have.
Keynote #5 For when you need something truly unique The Custom Job What it covers
#technology #business #leadership
#productivity #futureofwork

This can work for a diverse range of
business audiences.

Timing (when in the program)
Of course we work around you. We
want to ensure your custom keynote
creates the biggest possible impact.
The Custom Job The breadth of impact technology is having on society is quite
positively...huge. And although there are common trends,
themes and ideas, the experience of your people in your
organisation will always be unique. Sometimes it just requires a
different perspective to help make sense of it all.

The custom job is what happens when you put your audience
in the middle and we design a keynote around them. We will
take the time to understand your challenges and the impact you
want to make. Simon will then craft a keynote that delivers your
messages and ideas in a way that’s as unique as you are.

If you have some ideas that you would like to explore with
Simon it’s best get in touch.
Workshops, Offsites & Long Lunches A great keynote can motivate participants towards action, but without the opportunity for more
intimate and direct engagement, this motivation may turn out to be short-lived. In addition to his
keynotes, Simon offers customised, practical workshops to support active discussion and planning that will have a long-term impact in your organisation.

If your organisation is already motivated towards doing something different, Simon can help you understand what different looks like. His tailored programs provide opportunities for in-depth
discussion on emerging strategic challenges. With his inquisitive, enthusiastic approach, Simon fosters an environment that allows ideas to flow freely and guides participants towards implementable actions that will shape your organisation’s future.

And if you’re after something truly unique, ask Simon about lunch!

There’s no better place to connect and converse than around the table preparing and sharing food. If you’re looking for a powerful addition to your offsite event, consider a half or full day culinary
conversation where Simon hosts your leadership team for lunch.
The Digital Champions Club When he’s not speaking, writing or away on adventures, Simon runs programs to develop and support internal digital change agents. Based on his book The Digital Champion: Connecting the Dots Between People, Work and Technology, Simon’s in-house and public programs help enable business growth through the continuous delivery of small, simple technology improvements.

To find out more about the Digital Champions Club you can check out
Let's do this thing Create an immersive digital event Simon loves to speak at the events where the technology is awesome (it’s a congruence thing) and he works with a limited number of event organisers to help make this happen.

Simon believes the very best use of technology is when we play in the grey area between the physical and the virtual. Where you take the rich, sensory experience that can only come from being physically present but combine it with the engagement potential that only digital can provide.

This is easier said than done and so Simon is also experienced working in completely virtual environments and can deliver all his keynotes, including live mixed visuals and audio via livestream. Whether you're thinking of running a physical or online event speak to Simon about how he can make it truly engaging and unique.
Ready to get started? The very first thing to do is call or email my wonderful business manager Sunny. She will be able to advise on whether the dates for your event are available and arrange a time for us to talk*. We will then arrange a phone or Skype call so I can get a bit more background on your event and the outcomes you are looking to achieve for your audience. We can then discuss which of the keynotes might be most suitable and other things that will help make the event a success.

Assuming there are general nods of agreement (obviously more appropriate if done on a Skype call) then we are on our way...
*it’s never too soon to do this as I’m regularly booked 6-12 months in advance. The best way to secure your preferred dates is to get in touch. 1300 66 55 85
Some enterprising organisations I've worked with Simon’s deep knowledge of digital progression and interruption across modern society was perfectly adapted to our recent REIWA Conference.

Thank you for giving us the insights and strategies to overcome our fears of technology and for showing us how technology can enhance the customer experience for real estate agents everywhere.

Rest at ease, I come recommended Simon has captivated ADAPT Edge event audiences this year with an impressive range of topics.

They have resonated with the senior executives we host, and the experiential soundscape and method of delivery is world class. I don't hesitate in recommending Simon and his work.

Simon delivered a superb keynote around the “Need to make Technology Personal” for increased relevancy and success in today’s digital world. His message was simple, clear & crisp.

Simon strongly connected with the audience while making the session lively & entertaining. I’d happily recommend Simon for anyone looking for a customer centric point of view on how to succeed in today’s digital world.

Simon was excellent at balancing the fears of staff about the unknown, with pushing the boundaries and challenging us to do something different.

Simon is generous, extremely knowledgeable and had fantastic ideas. I loved working with Simon and I look forward to other opportunities for us to work together.

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