A few years ago I moved from Melbourne down to Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula. I remember that at the time I was quite concerned about the impact that the move would have on my work. I assumed that by being further from the city and ‘less available’ that either my work would suffer or I’d have to spend a lot more time travelling. But neither of these things turned out to be true.

By using technology, I’ve been able to design my work around my life, rather than the other way around. In fact the move has had such a positive impact on my work that it has got me wondering whether I went far enough.

Enter my new Life Work Adventure.

My Life Work Adventure is an experiment in working remotely. The plan is to work from a campervan for three months whilst travelling with my family up Australia’s East Coast. I know this sounds like a holiday…and it is kind of like a holiday but with one significant difference. By working while I’m travelling the theory is that the holiday would never have to come to an end.

For those who are familiar with my work there are a couple of key things that I do. The first is that I’m a professional speaker. This means that during the trip I may need to get to an airport and fly somewhere in Australia or New Zealand to deliver a keynote and then get back to the van again. The second is that I run a program called the Digital Champions Club which involves me providing monthly coaching sessions for my clients and running a quarterly face to face workshop. My clients are used to me coaching them over Skype, so as long as I can access a decent internet connection I should be able to manage this effectively from the van.

So if this is an experiment than what does success look like? For me, success means that I can travel for three months, have a great time with my family and my clients won’t pay for it. This means I need to be able to give them an experience that is as good as (if not a better) than what they would get if I was working from my office in Mount Eliza.

As the adventure unfolds I will be capturing what I’ve learnt in a series of blogs and videos so please check in regularly on this page or subscribe on YouTube to get the updates.

Where We Are Going

(And where we have gone)

The current plan is to do a loop from Mount Eliza, across the bottom of Victoria to Mallacoota, then from there up to Sydney along the coast. From Sydney we head to Brisbane via Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay. After Brisbane we will head to Bribie Island in Queensland to visit family. We hope to go as far as Fraser Island before heading back to Melbourne inland.

The above map shows where have been so far (it has been authored using Google MyMaps and is updated twice a week).

Week 1

On Wednesday last week we left Mount Eliza and travelled to Seaspray, situated on 90 Mile Beach, just east of the Gippsland Lakes. Thursday was my first day of work on the road with a meeting in the morning and three coaching sessions in the afternoon. We stayed at Seaspray until Saturday before moving on to Lakes Entrance. On Monday we travelled to Mallacoota close to the Victoria – NSW border.