How to position yourself for success in an uncertain world


Technological, political and social disruption has already created upheaval in the ways we work and live, and it isn’t stopping any time soon. If we don’t take action now, we risk becoming redundant as individuals and as organisations. The drive to automate both our work and our lives has measurable advantages in terms of productivity, but at what human and social cost?

If we are to thrive rather than merely survive these changes, we will need to constantly disrupt ourselves and our organisations, before someone else does it for us. Finding ongoing purpose, meaning and human connection in a world that is increasingly uncertain will require a willingness not just to redefine our work but also to rethink our ideals of wealth, profit and success.

It is time to move the conversation beyond the trends and events shaping our modern lives to the beliefs, strategies and actions that will allow us to collectively flourish.

What it covers

#technology #productivity #innovation


Perfect for industry groups, associations and forward-thinking leaders who want to empower their staff to work better with digital technology. Also great for smaller audiences in a longer workshop format.

Timing (when in the program)

On the lighter side, this is the type of keynote you might consider for that post lunch time slot when you need to re-engage the audience.