Bringing Keynotes to Life


Bringing Keynotes to Life


About Project Live

Ever thought most keynote presentations look a little flat? Ever wondered what it might be like to bring the immersive experience that live bands create to business events?

This is an introduction to my experimentation with using video mixing software (Resolume) to create more dynamic and immersive keynote presentations. To be honest, I don’t really know if it will work and how it will all come together but in the wise words of Mykel Dixon the best thing to do when you don’t know what to do is just do something

… So this is my something.

I’m producing and sharing a video a week. Each video is shot in one take with all the visuals mixed live in Resolume as I’m talking. Nothing is added, subtracted or otherwise manipulated in post production (check out the video above to see what this looks like).

With each video I try and learn something new. I’m playing around with different effects, different visuals and different story structures. This means that some of the videos will be a little bit shit…but that is all part of the learning journey.

Before I go, a special mention to two amazing people that have helped inspire this project. The wonderful storyteller Yamini Naidu and the master of artistry Mykel Dixon.

I hope you enjoy the videos, and check back in some time to see how things evolve.

– Simon