Improve on the Status Quo

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I think one of the reasons for the slow update of Digital Technology in business is a search for the “Silver Bullet” or the “Perfect Solution.” In fact, We seem to systematically over estimate the risks and underestimate the opportunities of the alternative relative to the “Status Quo.”

I had one client who refused to install a cloud file sharing solution for his staff because the data security risks were perceived to be too high. So what was his staff doing in the absence of a provided solution? They were emailing documents to their personal email accounts ( which are more often than not cloud based anyway) and sharing documents on USB sticks.

So which of these two scenario is the unsafe one? The one where your staff used a tested and approved cloud service to share & sync files ( and therefore you always know where the files are stored ) OR the one where multiple copies of documents are stored in the Inbox and Outbox of personal email systems and also on the staff members personal home computer ( which are often not password protected ) and where documents are shared on unsecured USB drives, 60% of which go missing with Corporate data on them?

I think, the BIGGEST risk of all is, assuming that we already have it right, that there is no room for improvement. The next BIGGEST risk is waiting for a silver bullet when all we need to do is ” Improve on the Status Quo.”