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The ghost of technology past

One of the most common challenges  I come across when trying to get people to engage with mobile technology is their ‘ghosts of technology past’. Ghosts of technology past includes our memories of losing important documents and not having backups, dial up internet and ‘The blue screen of death’. Thanks to Moore’s Law (which predicts […]

Why do we go to meetings?

Meetings, especially in large organisations, are often looked on with a level of disdain. People have a lot of work to get done and often see that time spent in meetings is wasted. Although this can be the case it is also worth reflecting on why we hold meetings in the first place. Meetings are […]

Digitise what you can and focus on everything else

  I recently attended the Future of Work conference jointly hosted by the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency and Australia’s Industry Skills Councils. Over two days expert researchers and speakers from around the world shared insights into the drivers and possible outcomes for the future of work. A strong theme of the conference was the […]

Leaders with Technology

I recently went to a very inspiring leadership workshop hosted by Qualia Learning Network with Tony Schwartz from the Energy Project. Amongst the gems of information that I am already using to work more effectively, Tony made the comment that one of the biggest challenges that leaders face in managing their energy is the pervasiveness […]

Openness is not the ending

I spent Friday last week at Tedx Melbourne and there have been some great talks and some even greater one liners. A couple of my favorites have been “A plan is not step one, step two, step three, that’s not a plan, that’s a list of instructions” Adam O’Donnell “We do not rise to the […]

Do we have a productivity problem?

  There have been a number of reports suggesting that productivity has been in decline in Australia and that this is seen as a worrying sign. Although productivity is relatively easy to measure I’m not so sure that it is necessarily the best metric for judging the performance of Australian businesses. To me it is […]