Did you know I’ve written a couple of books? This isn’t to brag, in fact I’ll tell you straight out that they were self published (which set’s the barriers to getting your book out there than going through… Read More


Personally I’m not a fan of the term ‘blog’ and on pretty much every other website I’ve ever built I’ve tried to come up with a fanicer term such as ‘ideas’, ‘news’, ‘thoughts’, ‘updates’…I’ve built a number of… Read More


Entering the Vortex

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Entering the Vortex


Entering the Vortex

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Entering the Vortex

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Entering the Vortex


We all experience certain exclamation points in our life. Events or experiences that on reflection (if not in the moment) feel significant in shaping who you are and what you believe. These are the stories that we tell… Read More

Simon’s Homepage

Hi there! Welcome to my website. No really, this is actually my website. I know it may look like it’s from the 1990s but in a world where it feels like everything on the internet is either selling… Read More


Dennis a 1990 Nissan Homy Campervan. It’s s a Japanese import that came out of the Nissan factory as a fully fitted camper. It is combination of a 4WD Nissan Navara drive-train with a Nissan Urvan E24 body. I have… Read More