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Simon’s Life Work Adventure

Hey there, welcome to my website!

I’m currently on a three-month Life Work adventure. What is a Life Work Adventure you ask? It’s an exploration of what Work Life Balance looks like when you put life first and work second.

I’m writing this from my mobile office next to a beach in Pambula, New South Wales. Over the next 10 weeks or so I will be exploring how technology can be employed to improve our quality of life whilst having an incredible adventure with my family. If you want to find out more about the adventure click on the link below, otherwise keep reading below if you’d like to find out what I do when I’m not on the road.

Helping people make better technology decisions

New technology provides an incredible opportunity to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve quality, make more informed decisions and, perhaps most importantly, improve personal balance and quality of life.

Yet so often it doesn’t.

So often we are caught up in how things were done yesterday that we fail to grasp what is possible today. I work with individuals and organisations to help them make better choices when it comes to how they use technology.

The things I do

Speaking at Events
Mentoring for Individuals
Training for Organisations
Support for Digital Champions
Writing on Technology and Business

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What people say

I hired Simon so I could go paperless and streamline my systems. Ten minutes in to our first mentoring session I had to stop him and tell him, “What you just showed me will literally save me 4 hours per day. I think I might cry from joy!” Simon is a brilliant mentor, generous with his knowledge, responsive and supportive. Every professional who wants to de-stress their digital world needs Simon.

Zoe RouthLeadership Mentor, Author of COMPOSURE

If you’re like me, you know that there are better ways of working. The pace at which the digital world is developing means there is new technology and systems accessible to all of us. But where to look, where to start and how to make sense of it all? Simon Waller is the guy to help you see the opportunity, work out what’s truly useful rather than gimmicky, and to make sense of the choices.

Simon DowlingAuthor of WORK WITH ME

Simon delivered one of the best keynotes I’ve ever experienced in my life (and I’ve experienced a lot). He wasn’t there to reassure the audience—he was there to wake them up to the opportunities right in front of them. Not only was he humorous and engaging as a speaker—he was provocative.

Jason FoxInternational speaker and author of HOW TO LEAD A QUEST

Simon has an excellent understanding of digital technology and how it can make all of our jobs easier and more productive. He is able to convey this knowledge in a clear and easy to understand way and he has made a significant difference to way I work. I now have more time every week – thanks to Simon.

Steven FordManaging DirectorBulbeck Group

Simon has challenged the thinking of a range of local government professionals to view digital technology in a new light by considering the range of potential uses and implications, both positive and negative. He is able to challenge personal perceptions and expose people to the latest advancements in a way that is engaging, thought provoking and often funny. Using an engaging and conversational style, he leaves his audience wanting more.

Caroline BellManager Community Safety City of Casey

I engaged Simon to provide a digital focus to our strategic plan and challenge our people to think broadly about future possibilities for our organisation. Simon was excellent at balancing the fears of staff about the unknown, with pushing the boundaries and challenging us to do something different. Simon is generous, extremely knowledgeable and had fantastic ideas. I loved working with Simon and I look forward to other opportunities for us to work together.

Leanne WilliamsCEO at West Gippsland Regional Library CorporationWest Gippsland Regional Library Corporation

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