Technology keynotes. For people.


Technology keynotes. For people.



Motivational Speaker

Simon motivates audiences to take control of their future. In a world where we are being constantly blindsided by technological advancement, people need to be making smarter decisions about how they use technology in both their work and their lives.

Over the past decade Simon has been exploring how we to use technology more effectively. Over that time he has reshaped his work and his life through a series of small experiments. He’s tested out virtual organisations, 30-hour weeks, remote work, unlimited leave, and flexible teams. Most recently, he spent three months living and working in a campervan with his family to better understand attitudinal shifts around work-life balance and to see what it’s like to be a genuine digital nomad.

Simon’s presentations not only serve to build awareness of what the future will bring, they motivate and inspire people to shape the future for themselves and those around them.

If you’d like to find out how Simon can add a spark to your next event please get in touch.

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Simon Waller Keynote Speaker Guide

A live version of my speaker guide can be accessed through the button below. It provides heaps of valuable information on the keynotes I offer and how we can work together to make your event brilliant! Go ahead, get it now.

Simon Waller Keynote Speaker Guide

If you’d prefer a downloadable version of Simon’s speaker guide it can be found at (20MB)

Simon’s most popular keynotes

Simon Waller delivered one of the best keynotes I‘ve ever seen, and I’ve seen heaps.

Far and away the best presentation on technology I have ever attended. Great presentation and on point.

Simon’s presentation was delivered with professionalism and charm. Our audience loved him, rating him as one of the top speakers of the day.

Simon is a great asset to any event, and a sure-fire resource to becoming boundless with tech.

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If you’re interested in having Simon speak at your upcoming event the first step is to check his availability. Fill out the form below or call 1300 66 55 85 (within Australia) and we will get back to just as soon as we can.

West Gippsland Regional Library
Think Tank Media
Meritum Financial Group
Municipal Association of Victoria
The Executive Connection
Records & Information Management Professionals Australia
Casey City Council
Bank of Queensland
Australian Automobile Association

Some nice things people have said

Simon’s deep knowledge of digital progression and interruption across modern society was perfectly adapted to our recent REIWA Conference. Thank you for giving us the insights and strategies to overcome our fears of technology and for showing us how technology can enhance the customer experience for real estate agents everywhere.

Simon’s presentation had us captivated right from the beginning. His knowledge and understanding of digital technology was amazing and his presentation made it so easy to understand. I have and will highly recommend Simon to members of my network as an exceptional guest speaker who will certainly bring you into the current digital technology period and prepare you for the next!!!

Simon delivered a compelling presentation to our top 100 leaders on digital disruption and the future of work. Simon’s depth of knowledge and expertise shone through as he shared many relevant and interesting insights and examples from across different industries and times. Simon’s interactive approach was refreshing and helped our leaders better understand the impacts and opportunities available to us.

Simon delivered a superb keynote, his message was simple, clear & crisp. Simon strongly connected with the audience while making the session lively & entertaining. I’d happily recommend Simon for anyone looking for a customer centric point of view on how to succeed in today’s digital world.

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