How to position yourself for success in an uncertain world



Technology keynotes. For people.

For most organisations, the disruptive nature of digital technology is seen as a challenge to overcome. And yet for a select few, these same conditions have resulted in massive innovation and growth. What makes these organisations different? How have their leaders navigated this environment so much more successfully than others?

This presentation uses the power of storytelling and is illustrated with examples from the world’s most disruptive businesses. It’s designed to spark conversation in small groups and leadership teams as to how you too can thrive on disruption.

This is the time to challenge your people to think differently. To create a more adaptive and resilient business fit for the future.

What it covers

#technology #automation #leadership #purpose #change


Ideally suited for business owners, executive teams and leadership groups. Also great for smaller audiences in a longer workshop or conversational format.

Timing (when in the program)

Ideally this keynote would be best accompanied by a glass of red around an open fire at the end of the first day. If this isn’t one of your speaker spots you might otherwise consider using it towards the beginning of your program to help open people’s minds.